Global Mat International

Global Mat International (GMI) has been providing high quality ground protection mats for a number of projects across the nation for many years. Today, the GMI is one of the largest producers of matting products.  In fact, the GMI is the standard in our industry. When you buy your ground protection mats from GMI you can rest assured that your mats have been made using the finest materials, such as high quality hardwoods and steel fasteners or bolts.

We have an assortment of mats that are designed for a variety of projects. For example, our crane mats are dense and compression resistant to withstand the harshest conditions and the heaviest equipment, while our rig mats are soundly constructed and designed to last for an average of 15-20 years! We hope you’ll have the chance to visit one of our quality facilities, located in Houston, Texas and Killdeer, North Dakota, so we can extend some of our southern pride and kindness your way!

Active in the Community

We’ve worked with a variety of charity organizations in the community, including the 100 Club of Southeast Texas, Julie Rogers “Gift of Life” Program, Desire Street Ministries, Girls Haven, Young Life, and Boys Haven. We’ve also provided crane mats to aid in the construction of the Texas Children’s Hospital. Through our mat production and mat rentals we’ve strived to be one of Beaumont’s most environmentally friendly companies.



In over 43 years of service, GMI has been a part of numerous projects spanning the globe. Our ground protection mats have done their part in everything from military applications to setting up rock and roll concerts. Whether it’s creating portable roadways for a construction project or ground cover to a remote location inAlaska orCanada, our mats are more than up to the task. If you need to be there, our mats can get you there.



As pioneers of the mat industry, we’ve developed several types of mats to meet the various needs of different industries. If you’re looking for truck mats, composite mats, or oak bog mats, you’ll see that we provide just that with our line of products. Trust in our mats, since we perfected and patented our interlocking mat design we’ve been producing the same product ever since. That’s how you know it works.

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