In over 43 years of service, GMI has been a part of numerous projects spanning the globe. Our ground protection mats have done their part in everything from military applications to setting up rock and roll concerts. Whether it’s creating portable roadways for a construction project or ground cover to a remote location in Alaska or Canada, our mats are more than up to the task. GMI can install thousands of mats per day. If you need to be there, our mats can get you there.


Railway, Dock Transportation – When it comes to creating temporary roads, there is no better choice than our mats. Mats have been used to spread out weight in docks from Houston to California, help build rail road trussels in Canada, and construct the TransCanadian pipeline. Whether bridges, piers or erosion just can’t handle the weight or provide the support that you need, our ground protection mats provide an easy solution. If you think you’re in need of portable spanning, bridging, trussels or bulkheads check out laminated temporary roads.


Temporary Events – Not everyone needs to have ground protection mats on hand year round, which is why we provide mat rentals at a reasonable cost for events such as theHoustonRacewayPark.


Construction – When it comes to construction, our crane mats help provide a safe, environmentally friendly surface for the construction of the  Texas Children’s Hospital, as well as domes, stadiums, colleges, shopping complexes, dredging canals; you name the site, our crane and rig mats have been there. We’re also able to deliver mats for larger projects, such as the Valero Oil Refinery, government work, 9/11 clean up, and more.


Valero Oil Refinery – GMI mats were used in the construction of the world’s largest land based crane inPort Arthur,Texas, where we were able to haul out 2,500 mats in a third of the time of our competition.


Remote Work – For work in remote areas, our oilfields, pipelines and drilling rig mats create accessible work areas while preserving acres of farmland underneath. Our drilling rig mats are the best option when you desire to complete your project with as little environmental impact as possible.


From working with smaller family owned companies to the big guys such as Exxon Mobile, Sunoco, and Gulf, our environmentally friendly drilling rig mats, ground protection and more have been there. There’s no project too big or too small. Contact us to find out about how we can help with your project by toll free at (800) 227-8159 or email at


Active in the Community

We’ve worked with a variety of charity organizations in the community, including the 100 Club of Southeast Texas, Julie Rogers “Gift of Life” Program, Desire Street Ministries, Girls Haven, Young Life, and Boys Haven. We’ve also provided crane mats to aid in the construction of the Texas Children’s Hospital. Through our mat production and mat rentals we’ve strived to be one of Beaumont’s most environmentally friendly companies.



As pioneers of the mat industry, we’ve developed several types of mats to meet the various needs of different industries. If you’re looking for truck mats, composite mats, or oak bog mats, you’ll see that we provide just that with our line of products. Trust in our mats, since we perfected and patented our interlocking mat design we’ve been producing the same product ever since. That’s how you know it works.

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