At Global Mat, our mats are made from the finest materials, including furniture-grade oak and other hardwoods, steel fasteners and bolts, assembled in our field-proven, patented configuration. They’re designed for rigorous industrial applications and the most brutal conditions. When you need to gain access to difficult terrain or protected geography, Global mats are the preferred choice because we start with the best lumber available and build them by hand. This is important in that it is required to visually inspect each timber and orientate the timber’s grain, checks and knots correctly to maximize and enhance the natural strength of southern oak. And as one of the largest lumber buyers in the U.S., we maintain special relationships with dozens of mills, insuring an uninterrupted supply of hardwood timber resulting in the largest shelf inventory of mats in the industry. The best mats are made from the best hardwood, it’s that simple; and we don’t cut corners on the quality of our mats.



Our manufacturing process, like our patented designs, is industry leading. We invest in the highest quality materials in the assembly of our matting products. Beginning with the finest, strongest hardwoods available, we assemble each mat carefully and consistently so that it will last under extreme applications. Our fasteners are supplied exclusively by Duofast and are special ordered for our process. All of our mats are given extra attention during the assembly process so that the boards and timbers remain tightly bound for the lifespan of the mat. With special jigs and racks, our team of trained assemblers will flip and rotate each mat to install a predetermined pattern of nails, rods or bolts. This ensures the strongest mat possible that will outlast any other competing product due to our stringent manufacturing technique.



We use the most productive and economical intermodal means available to deliver mats to your project. Whether transported by truck, rail, ship, or barge, be assured that the mats will arrive on time and in excellent condition to the work site. We are accustomed to large volumes, so we can serve any customer, no matter how large or small or how far the project is – we can deliver.




  • No job is too large or too small.
  • Global Mat is dedicated to serving you throughout the life of your project, all projects and customers are important to us.
  • We make your ordering and delivery process efficient and seamless, 
assisting with any technical or logistical challenges you might encounter.
  • With our superior loading and unloading practices, we save customers valuable time and money. We take pride in all aspects of our operation, others can’t compare.


June marks the beginning of hurricane season in the Atlantic and until November 30th, many citizens will be holding their breaths that the crippling storm systems will stay away from the American mainland. GMI stands ready to deal with the aftermath of any unfortunate disaster with our reliable rental mats.  In an emergency situation, efficiency and safety are everything. Rental mats are excellent for any cleanup efforts because that can be transported and implemented quickly.


The world of mats is large, and the uses of ground protection mats are many. Thankfully, GMI is here to help you choose the best mat for every project. Whether you’re looking for a quality crane mat to withstand the weight of heavy construction equipment or rig mats for work in the oil industry, you’ll always find the mat for the job at GMI.


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Global Mat International Services

The world of mats is large, and the uses of ground protection mats are many. Thankfully, GMI is here to help you choose the best mat for every project. Whether you’re looking for a quality crane mat to withstand the weight of heavy construction equipment or rig mats for work in the oil industry, you’ll always find the mat for the job at Here are just a few of the industries that often use ground protection mats:

  • Portable Parking Lots – Large events require parking for a large number of cars. Many times this isn’t a problem, but what if you don’t have a parking lot? That’s where GMI comes in! Our mat rentals can be used as convenient, portable parking lots or as an access road for a variety of events, including concerts, festivals and more!
  • Disaster Relief – Mats can be used to hold heavy equipment that’s being used to clean up debris from a natural disaster or any type of disaster clean up.
  • Environmentally Sensitive Areas – Just imagine the impact of working in areas where large trucks and machinery can cause irreversible damage the eco system.  An access road can prevent damage and protect the eco system.
  • Construction – Crane mats can be used to support heavy construction equipment for any type of construction project, such as building roads, bridges, domes, stadiums, hospitals, and more!
  • Trenching
  • Marine Activities – When you’re transporting something heavy that’s made of steel on a barge with a steel surface, a wooden mat will prevent the steel surfaces from touching, and reduce slipping.
  • Oil and Gas – Interlocking mats provide workers in the oil industry with a safe work surface that minimizes accidents, provides easy access to work areas, and minimizes the effect on the environment. In addition, when it comes to rig mats, weather is never a factor. Oil workers are able to work through all types of weather.


No matter what your need, if you choose GMI for your ground protection mats, we guarantee you’ll receive the best possible service and highest quality products available. To learn more about our quality services contact us using our contact form or give us a call at 800-227-8159.

Active in the Community

We’ve worked with a variety of charity organizations in the community, including the 100 Club of Southeast Texas, Julie Rogers “Gift of Life” Program, Desire Street Ministries, Girls Haven, Young Life, and Boys Haven. We’ve also provided crane mats to aid in the construction of the Texas Children’s Hospital. Through our mat production and mat rentals we’ve strived to be one of Beaumont’s most environmentally friendly companies.



In over 43 years of service, GMI has been a part of numerous projects spanning the globe. Our ground protection mats have done their part in everything from military applications to setting up rock and roll concerts. Whether it’s creating portable roadways for a construction project or ground cover to a remote location in Alaska or Canada, our mats are more than up to the task. If you need to be there, our mats can get you there.



As pioneers of the mat industry, we’ve developed several types of mats to meet the various needs of different industries. If you’re looking for truck mats, composite mats, or oak bog mats, you’ll see that we provide just that with our line of products. Trust in our mats, since we perfected and patented our interlocking mat design we’ve been producing the same product ever since. That’s how you know it works.

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